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It was during his studies at Camondo, a Parisian school of architecture and design, that Christian Feltin developed his skills in drawing and the plastic arts in general. Throughout his professional career as a designer, he cultivated a taste for painting in all its forms, as a veritable language of communication and artistic expression.

nouvelle série aluminium sur papier
le portail, nouvelle oeuvre série aluminium R
au travers de bandes noires un paysage blafard


Christian Feltin devant Rupture exposition Aix en Provence 2020

White background thus are born signs of a personal and universal writing whose reliefs play with the ambient light. A pictorial material that he associates and softens with walnut stain that he likes for its binding qualities and the colored nuances that its use pure or in wash offers the artist to explore and which allows him to bring softness and heat to the weight of the impastos.




















rub shoulders there thus the assurance of traces and heaps of paint and the slender yet indecisive fragility of transparencies. A variety of materials and textures which, for Christian Feltin, make painting a kind of “cooking” of the heart, instinctive and generous. And like any good self-respecting cook, his work is classified according to a nomenclature that is as rigorous as his painting is liberated. He likes to order the great variety of his canvases and works on paper in a multitude of series whose deliberately abstract and almost scientific terminology aims not to influence the viewer.

















This is how the traditional "Untitled" which many artists adorn their compositions, Christian Feltin prefers to associate a letter with a number, a method worthy of an archivist or a documentalist. So many series that correspond to inspirations or plastic choices, such as that of integrating aluminum (R and 7T series) or this other which consisted of fixing the imprints of objects on the canvas (O series).
















Classification chronological which also shows the evolution of his painting which, if it was initially figurative, mainly representing beaches and forests, has since continued to move towards ever more abstraction, clearing a nature and exploring landscapes this time interiors . An equally meticulous exploration. Because if he paints quickly, alternating flashes and meticulous applications, he does not throw himself headlong onto the support without knowing what he is going to do there. On the contrary, he matures for a long time the reflection and the impregnation of what he is going to project there.


nouvelle oeuvre de la série Aluminium série R sur papier
une dernière oeuvre















Multiple (19 series) and abundant (more than 260 paintings), the work of Christian Feltin is therefore that of liberation. That of the Parisian who set sail to immerse himself and his canvases in the calm of the South of France; that of the architect who frees himself from the rule to make the brush dance according to his moods and his emotions, without program or constraint; that of a man who goes beyond his Western education and culture to plunge back into an atavistic Asia; finally that of calligraphy which performs its linguistic function to mix with other materials and express the impulses of its soul. A freedom that he enjoins us to adopt in order to explore his inner landscapes which also become somewhat ours.

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exposition collective st mandrier aout 2022

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